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Come Ring the Bell to Celebrate the Next Step in Your Real Estate Career!


When USD real estate students land a job or internship, the tradition is to come to the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate to ring the hiring bell. Now, this is not just any bell. In 2021, the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate team had a bronzed plaque and bell designed to honor the late Ernest W. Hahn, one of San Diego’s most highly regarded business and community leaders. He was a pioneer in the development of shopping malls and redefined the vision of the entire retail industry.

“Ernest (Ernie) Hahn and the Hahn family allowed us to use their name in a fund-raising effort to establish the first endowed chair for the real estate program. This first endowed chair was an important foundational block in the building of what is now a highly success and nationally renowned program. We are grateful and appreciative of the association of the Hahn name and legacy to our program.


USD real estate students are encouraged to visit the Burnham-Moores Center to ring the Ernest W. Hahn Hiring Bell to celebrate their new job in real estate. With approximately 375 real estate majors and minors in the undergraduate program alone, we expect to hear the ringing of the bell often.

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